About Us

Here at Free PayPro we are your Merchant Advocates and want to turn how you use the payment processing services upside down.

In a world where it seems everyone is a Consumer Advocate, there is no one out there protecting the small business owner that our country depends on, until now.

Business Challenges:

  • The credit card brands keep increasing their fees, rewarding paying consumers with air miles, reward points and Cash Back, but sticking the businesses who accept the cards the obligation to pay for those benefits. Sometimes as high as 4%
  • The pandemic closed your businesses and then limited how many people could be in your store.
  • The riots destroyed and damaged many businesses.
  • Increasing minimum wages are eroding your profits. Getting more difficult to hire good people these days.
  • Inflation at a 40-year high is destroying your profit margins.
  • Chargebacks from customers that misuse Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express to get refunded on goods and services you provide

Is this fair? Who is benefiting from all of this? … Not you, the business owner.

So here’s the deal.

  • Free Credit Card Processing. You pay nothing….0%
  • We get paid on credit card transactions your customers are now paying.
  • Only pay for debit cards, which is never more than 1%
  • Earn Cash Back: Encourage other businesses for this program, earn residual income every month not only on what your customers spend, but also the businesses you refer.
  • Refer as many businesses for even more revenue.
  • Cash Back residual income is paid by your customers. Not only do you not pay those fees, you now make money from it. Read that again.

We want to start a payments Revolution where merchants turn the tide on what has been the norm for many decades. Stop paying for credit card processing and start earning income.

Our Surcharge Program Makes Every Purchase A Win-Win For You And Your Customers.

Keep 100% Of Your
Credit Card Revenue.

Customers Can Avoid
Processing Fees, Too

No Change In How You
Accept Credit Cards.